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I'm a true believer in solar energy and the use of solar panels to collect the light from the sun and turn into electricity. Louisiana gets plenty of sunlight and is said to be the next state to go all in with solar energy. I have spent much time doing research on solar in the state of Texas. It is the #1 state in the United States for solar installs in 2021. I feel that Louisiana is the next state to make the change to solar since it boarders Texas. The wave started in California and headed eastward to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida.

The states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama appear to be the next states in line for solar panel installations. Georgia is getting some overflow from Florida. It looks like solar comes through in waves until the whole state gets hot for solar. This is just my opinion.

My experience in solar is totally self taught from whatever I can learn off of the internet.

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